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Antiviral Services

Antimicrobial Fogging & Film Treatments

Prevent Air & Surface Spread of Bacteria & Viruses

Eliminate Flu & Cold Viruses in Your Home or Business

Sanitized Areas Safe to Use Within 30 Minutes

Same-Day 24-Hour Emergency Response Available

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Fogging Starting at 5¢ Per Square Foot

Based on building type, total square footage, and recurrance of service.


BioTab7 being applied

We apply a hospital grade, EPA registered sanitizing agent that eliminates all disease causing micro-organisms. This is one of the most effective ways to keep your team, customers, and family protected from potential illness.

Safe & Eco-Friendly

We service offices and retail spaces

Our sanitizing agent is safe for all indoor and outdoor application scenarios and is not harmful to humans or animals. The treated space will be ready for occupancy just minutes after the application.

EPA Certified

Healthcare, any space -- you ask and we'll fog it.

Our sanitizing agent is certified by the EPA for sanitizing in health care facilities as well as commercial and non-commercial spaces. We follow strict EPA guidelines for application to ensure compliance and product efficacy.


Let's make a deal.

Our quotes are always free and we offer discounts for recurring service to your business or residence. Pricing begins at only 5 cents per square foot!

Commercial & Residential
Sanitizing Applications

Commercial Treatment

  • Proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 within 1-minute, the virus that causes COVID-19
  • Destroys all disease causing micro-organisms and transmissible agents such as spores and bacteria, providing medical level sterility
  • Certificate of Sanitization issued at completion of application
  • Building ready for occupancy only 15 minutes after application
  • Same day response available

Residential Treatment

  • Same product and procedures as used for commercial treatment
  • Entire home will be sanitized
  • HVAC system will be treated (Kills mold spores too)
  • Automobile treatment available

Our Product

  • Quickest Viral Kill-time in the industry (1-5 minutes). Vital Oxide (Common Competitor) can take as long as 20 minutes
  • No harmful residue left behind
  • Kills odor-causing bacterial microorganisms in the air, leaving it smelling fresh
  • Eco-Friendly and FDA Food Grade Certified. Safe to use around people, pets, and plants

We Sanitize

Offices Warehouses Schools & Colleges Churches Homes & Apartments Vacation Rentals Hotels Restaurants Kitchens Coffee Shops Recreation Facitilies Conference Spaces Wedding Venues Libraries Retail Stores Shopping Malls Grocery Stores Entertainment Venues Gyms & Workout Studios Arenas Busses Boats Airplanes Casinos And More!


Decontaminate Interior Spaces

We procedurally remove harmful pathgens from the environment using professionally-developed techniques.

Our technicians provide all of the state-of-the-art equipment required to do the job.

Improve Air Quality

Air sanitization and purification devices are used within the space to eliminate odors and remnant contaminants.

Satisfy Sanitization Concerns

Continue on with peace of mind that the location is clean and safe to use. Interior spaces are ready to use within 15 minutes.

We're standing by for any Emergency Fogging needs and well equipped to handle jobs of any size.

Maintain Safety Reputation

Ensure that others know that you take safety seriously. Taking precautions reduces risk and liability.

More Services

Trash Chute Cleaning

We clean dirty trash chutes! The Chute Company is a full-service chute provider! Call 833-7CHUTES!

More Information
Hoarding Removal

Got a hoard issue? Need help with rooms full of junk? Call The Sanitizers today.

Hoarding Removal

Space Shield Antimicrobial Film ™ Perpetual Surface Sanitization

We apply an EPA Registered Silver-Ion antimicrobial treated protective film that stops the growth of bacteria on surfaces.

This product protects continuously for months against harmful microbes that can cause illness or infection.

We use 3M products.
Surface Protection


Stops the spread of viruses on high-touch surfaces and can protect surfaces for up to a year.
Wide Range of Uses


Elevator Buttons
Door Handles
Touch Screens
Protect The Public

Peace of Mind

Better care and well-being for building tenants and employees using cutting edge antimicrobial technology.

Wanna know more?

Our Anti-Microbial Film (AKA “Space Shield") has an antimicrobial topcoat engineered to inhibit the growth of microbes. The “active ingredient” in the coating is ionized silver in a zeolite carrier that starts neutralizing bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses on contact. The technology built into the coating allows it to permanently retain its “bio-availability” for a relatively long period of time, meaning that it will continue to protect high-touch surfaces for up to 12 months depending on use.

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Tell us about the space and location that you would like treated with antimicrobial fog.

We try to respond to inquiries sent through this form within a business day. Call us if you have more pressing needs.

Company Blog

From Our Professionals to You

Austin's New Compost Regulation

By Deputy StripesDeputy Stripes

Jurisdictions all throughout the country, including Austin, are implementing composting regulations which require single-family and multi-family residences, and commercial operations, to utilize a composting system for discarded organic food material. In Austin, compliance must be met by October 2024.

The Chute Company provides professional guidance and turn-key system improvements, along with code-compliant and fire-safe new construction. We're professionals in helping your property become compliant, with:

  • Multi-Sorting Technology – Utilize existing chute systems with a retrofit which enables a user to select Garbage or Compost prior to using one single chute. A sorting device at the bottom of the chute then sends the waste to the selected destination.
  • New Chute Installations – Building a separate compost chute into a new multi-family or commercial construction build is an economical initial investment. If there is space within an existing chute column for an additional chute, we can facilitate a retrofit upgrade to an existing building within the existing system that looks just like the rest of your system.
  • First-Floor Compost Solutions – We have low-budget, less convenient options for discarding compost waste that will bring your waste system into code. These solutions are good options for existing structures that do not have the room for a retrofit or budget for a sorter.

We're all over Austin on a regular basis and are here for our community. Give us a call to explore all the options for the property that you own or manage – our professionals are standing by.

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