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Hoarding Cleanup

& Biohazard Remediation

Hoarding messes can decrease property value to liquidation state – land value only! The Sanitizers are experts at disposing of contaminated junk and returning the location to a pristine environment. These types of jobs require proper personal safety gear and good planning. Our team knows the proper procedures to handle the situation correctly, and fast. When complete, the jobsite will be certified as ready for habitation.
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Turn-Key Hoard Removal

Junk & Garbage – Let Us Deal With It

The Sanitizers BioTrauma Solutions is equipped to help with severe hoarding cleanups where the presence of biohazards or pathogens may prevent safe normal removal. Severely contaminated locations may present an exposure risk to harmful rodent-transmitted viruses, such as the hauntavirus.

Everything of concern is removed and disposed of and the air within the location is deodorized and sanitized using our high-tech circulator fans. The location is left clean with all surfaces sanitized and ready for future storage or occupancy.

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The Sanitizers

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Animal Hoarding Cleanup


Level 5 Animal Hoarding Cleanup


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